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I have been painting, drawing and photographing since childhood. At school I was a daydreamer and dreamed myself away to the fairy tales and amazing scenery always surrounded by animals. Painting gave me a valve during a stormy adolescence. I started early with oil painting and began to sell paintings to galleries at the age of 13 and received an illustrator job at Liber when I was 17 years old.

I want to reach out to the world around me with the good and beautiful in life. There is so much darkness around us anyway; with all the violence and war we are told daily, I have no need to put this on canvas. When I paint I am in a sort of meditative state. Wesen, fairytales, fantasy landscapes and animals want to be painted. Many symbols are hidden. I get a lot of inspiration from my travels as you can see in my art.

I am educated in health care because it was difficult to make ends meet. Having experience in care when meeting patients' grief and pain affects me in my creativity on a deeper level. My first exhibition I had in Gothenburg in 1997. I then moved to the countryside and had many exhibitions there in galleries of my own. In recent years I have exhibited in different parts of Sweden but also in Monaco, Paris and Digital showcase in Vienna and Cannes this spring and in April 2016 at Art Expo, New York.

In addition, I am a keen photographer, especially landscapes and birds, but also in my art which I later processing digitally. Sculpting in clay helps me in 3 dimensional thinking while the silversmithing is a pure craft but even here I am inspired by the nature.


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