Art Critics by Stig Åke stålnacke

Kim Ritthagen


Painting towards miracle


When I met a beautiful suite of pictures of Kim Ritthagen I felt a warm feeling of happiness.

After searching for the essence of art for a long long time I was facing in her art a sense that I want to resemble with bliss.

I have to ask myself the question?

How is it possible that so naked and so direct reach the essence of experience? To paint so genuine?

How is it possible for an artist that so directly, so tender and nice find just the thread in our lives that captures and reveals our innermost of happiness and life purpose?

I see in picture after picture how the indefeasible pushes ahead and show us that love and tenderness in the image is possible.

In more than forty years I have been a tracker, a scout. And I have often encountered setbacks. I have often seen images that have been façade and only façade. Alas.

I have then suffered from grief.

When you are searching for the truth and find meaningless trash, well, then you will be sad. You think: Is that all there is?

But sometimes you find the genuine pearl. And that's when you are feeling something I will call happiness

This rare experience I feel about the paintings of Kim Ritthagen. She never hesitates. In picture after picture she is drilling into the meaning of the painting and the core of beauty

What leads her forward to this painting's deepest features of beauty is a warm intensity.

I must tell, must mention, that I in the paintings of Kim Ritthagen feel myself fulfilled with something resembling love.

And is it possible for a painting to own a larger and more meaningful task?

Thank you, Kim Ritthagen, for showing me the way to the miracle


Stig Åke Stålnacke

Member of AICA, Association of Art Critics

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